Amid sugar market crisis, CIUS elects new President

Brussels – 22 September 2022. CIUS, the Committee of European Sugar Users held its first physical General Assembly since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. CIUS Members unanimously elected their new President Mr. Yuriy Sharanov from Mars Wrigley for a 2 year term

 “I would like to thank the CIUS membership for electing me to be their President and would like to thank our outgoing Vice-President Gwenael Lecerf (Refresco) for his outstanding leadership over the last 7 years.” said Yury Sharanov.

Mr Yury Sharanov has over 14 years of R&D and procurement experience in FMCG  (Fast moving consumer goods) sector with 10 years directly involved in the sugar market. In his current role he leads Mars Wrigley’s sugar sourcing for the markets of Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. In his previous role he was in charge of Mars’ global sourcing strategy in the area of starch and sweeteners. Yury holds a PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry.

Following his election Mr Yury Sharanov recognized the challenges facing European sugar users. “This mandate comes at a crucial time for the European sugar users. We have been extremely concerned with the situation on the sugar market, companies have been experiencing tight sugar supplies and surging sugar prices in the past months. The tense commodity supplies situation is reflected in exceptionally high prices on the spot market. Availability of essential commodities like sugar is putting our factories at risk. Furthermore, the inability of the EU to import white quality sugar due to a highly protected market via tariffs and quotas, does not provide our industry with an alternative to compensate for the shortages.”

CIUS has highlighted on multiple occasions the responsibility of the EU Institutions to introduce supply measures in times of a crisis. We have been urging authorities to open up tariff free import quotas of white sugar directly accessible to the European food and drink industry. It is about time the European Union realises that it is not self-sufficient regarding sugar, that the sugar import regime is not sustainable and that EU import tariffs on sugar should be eliminated in the long run to provide for sustainable supplies for the future. And this for the benefit of all.

Press release is available here.