Vision and Objectives​

The association pursues the following non-profit international aims. Its main aims are to study the competiveness and efficiency of the sugar market and, in particular, the economic and legal constraints that are not in favour of efficiencies in order to propose and promote the adoption of measures for the removal of these constraints and, more generally, the establishment of a competitive and efficient sugar market.

To this end, the Association has the right to develop, alone or in collaboration with third parties, any activity that would relate, directly or indirectly, to carrying out its objectives and, more particularly:

Analysing and commenting

on economic and statistical data in connection with the production, import, export, storage and processing of sugar


the impact of such measures, including production quotas and import duties on sugar-using industries.


to its members and to a wider group of interested parties the results of such studies through publications, a website, information campaigns and advertising, conferences and other events.

Participating in forums

where such analyses are discussed and promoting discussions related to them.


with, committing and sustaining a dialogue with the European Institutions and more widely with interested parties concerning matters related to the organisation and functioning of the sugar market.

These objectives shall be achieved in compliance with EU competition law.