CIUS General Assembly: Elections, Secretariat Updates and Calls for EU Sugar Policy Change

The Committee of European Sugar Users (CIUS) held its General Assembly in Brussels on 6 June 2024 . The General Assembly re-elected Mr. Yuriy Sharanov from Mars Wrigley as President and Mr. Torben Vestergaard Nielsen from Orkla as Vice President, both for a two-year term.

Muriel Korter, who has served as CIUS Director General for the past 15 years, has stepped down from her position and will now take on the role of Treasurer for a two-year term. The CIUS General Assembly appointed Mayssa Vande Vyvre as the new Director General.

Following his re-election, Yuriy Sharanov expressed gratitude for the continued trust placed in him by CIUS members. “I would like to thank the CIUS membership for re-electing me to be their President,” Sharanov stated. He also praised Muriel Korter for her invaluable contributions to CIUS over the past 15 years, noting her instrumental role in CIUS’s development and success. “Muriel has been instrumental in the development of CIUS and its work over the last 15 years. I welcome Mayssa and look forward to continue working with her.”

Yuriy Sharanov brings over 16 years of R&D and procurement experience in the FMCG sector, with more than a decade of direct involvement in the sugar market. In his current position at Mars Wrigley, he oversees global sugar sourcing and price risk management. Previously, he managed Mars’ global sourcing strategy for starch sweeteners. Sharanov holds a PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry.

Following his re-election, Sharanov acknowledged the ongoing challenges faced by European sugar users. He highlighted the EU’s structural sugar deficit and the need for more access to imports to help Europe overcome sugar shortages. Sharanov criticized the EU’s restrictive sugar import policies, which include high tariffs and quotas that hinder access to white quality sugar.

CIUS remains committed to advocating for policy changes that will alleviate supply constraints and support the long-term sustainability of the European sugar market. “And this,” Sharanov emphasized, “is for the benefit of all.”

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