Welcome to CIUS – the Committee of European Sugar Users
Cius is the association representing European sugar users from the food and drink sector, small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinationals.
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Our Objective
Our objective is to study the competitiveness and efficiency of the sugar market
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Key figures

CIUS represents

over 15,00 EU companies and over 700,000 employees

CIUS supports EU sugar production

70% of Europe’s annual production of sugar for food is purchased by and used by CIUS members

Sugar exports represent 2/5 of total EU food exports

40% of the total value of food exported outside of the European Union comes from sugar users

Sweets leading export growth

Leading to export growth – over the last 5 years exports have grown by 60% for chocolate, confectionary and biscuits

Who we are?

CIUS represents the European sugar-using food and beverage industries with more than 15, 000 companies across Europe. Members range from artisan, small-and medium sized enterprises to large multinationals. CIUS members purchase and use almost 70% of the European annual consumption of sugar through its incorporation in a wide variety of added-value products and provide direct employment for over 700,000 people.

Sugar user seek security of supply

CIUS’s aim is to ensure that EU regulators guarantee sufficient sugar supplies based on a competitive, sustainable domestic production complemented by duty-free imports.