The Common Agricultural Policy - Basic Regulations

The four basic EU regulations of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are published in the Official Journal of 20 December 2013.

These four legislative texts reflect the political agreement between the European Commission, EU Member States Agriculture Ministers (in the Council) and the European Parliament.

With these new rules, the vast majority of CAP legislation will be defined under four consecutive Regulations – a significant simplification - covering:

Rural DevelopmentRegulation 1305/2013 
"Horizontal" issues such as funding and controls: Regulation 1306/2013
Direct payments for farmers: Regulation 1307/2013
Market measuresRegulation 1308/2013

To ensure a smooth transition, Regulation 1310/2013 lays down certain transitional provisions as regards the application of the four basic regulations in the year 2014. 

The Regulation related to the sugar market policy are to be found in the EU Regulation1308/2013 on market measures.